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The Sphere is now entering a new phase. From the fall 2021 we are going to invite artists , producers, audience, venues, festivals, and a wide range of virtual sympathizers, potential stakeholders, crypto natives and people yet to explore the potential of web3. Subscribe to get full access to the newsletter. Never miss an update.

Welcome to The Sphere

We the Sphere platform shapers come from contemporary circus, performing art, visual art, game design, radical economy, new technologies, social theory and more.

We’re all influenced and inspired by the common trust-making, risk-taking, boundary-pushing art of circus.

One of our key starting point is a shared frustration with existing models for organizing artistic production. Artists creativity is often limited by inflexible infrastructures that suffer systemic inertia, restrict artistic expression and waste resources. We felt the need to propose an alternative organizing system that distributes power differently between actors and incentivizes artistic inventiveness. New forms of art can thus arise and inefficient bureaucracy is avoided.

As the history of the Internet shows, the early adopters and creators of the web 3.0 will play a profound role in shaping the sense and direction of this emergent economic and organizational form that might become just as usual as social media today. The creation of new economic space like the Sphere will become a new value layer of the internet.


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As a collaborative emergent infrastructure, the Sphere is a call to experiment and challenge the traditional frameworks of cultural production.


The Sphere

The Sphere is a transdisciplinary research-creation project for the development of a digital infrastructure for self-organization in the performing arts